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The Gourmet Granny's brand evolved as many things do, through necessity. Back in the 1970's it's fair to say that "packet gravy powders" were pretty ordinary (as they still are now in our opinion) and very basic in flavour profile. So, the task was set to develop a commercially viable product based purely on quality ingredients with flavour being the focus, not cost of production. 

With this, the Gourmet Granny's brand was born and sales began increasing rapidly through a handful of independent butcher shops in the greater Sydney area. Today we have over 800 butcher shops and other independent retailers "in the family", turning customers into raving fans of our products. 

Simple to prepare, most of our mixes you just simply add the sachet contents to water, bring to the boil and simmer a little. There you have it, a quick, easy and convenient addition to any meal packed with home-style cooking flavour.

In the early 80's the formulation of Gourmet Granny's was improved again, and pretty much since then has gone unchanged as the feedback from consumers was very loud and clear - "they love it the way it is".


We trust you enjoy our range of Sauces and Gravy Mix's and would love to get your feedback on our current range of products or any thoughts you might have for new products, the system works...after many hundreds of requests we have recently launched Mushroom Sauce and it is a winner, try it today and keep an eye out for the next big thing - Dianne Sauce coming in the New Year, probably around March 2021. Enjoy :)



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